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Did you know that one of the best things you can do for your body has nothing to do with diet or exercise? It’s relatively inexpensive, requires almost no effort at all, and feels great. Therapeutic Massage has been used successfully to treat everything from serious aliments to simple boredom.  You may be surprised to learn the variety of benefits one can derive from simply allowing a professional to knead your sore and tired muscles. Possibly the best therapeutic benefit from massage is an increase in circulation. It has been said that Massage cleans the body from the inside. Everyone builds toxins and waste in their bodies. Every time we contract a muscle, cells in our body have to produce energy. A byproduct of energy is waste, and the waste is deposited in our tissues. Our muscles have a process for dispelling this chemical waste but massage greatly enhances the body’s ability to accomplish this. Additional toxins deposited in our tissues come from stress, the foods we eat, the things we drink, and our environment.  Muscle injury or spasm also creates toxins by blocking oxygen and nutrients from these areas. The rhythmic kneading or compression of Massage squeezes out the bad stuff and draws in new blood. This new oxygenated nutrient rich blood promotes healing and the overall health of the muscles and tissues. It helps wash away the wastes and toxins. In fact, if you drink plenty of water after your massage you can increase the speed of this process.

It is for the reasons discussed and many more that massage is used in such a variety of ways. It can be a great compliment to sports and exercise. Massage generates new cell production within muscle tissues, makes them more flexible, and promotes healing. Many seasoned weight lifters use massage to decrease the soreness they know they will have after aggressive workouts.  Physical Therapists use massage on athletes to improve their performance and decrease pain. 

Massage has been used to control pain since the first caveman hit his finger with a rock and rubbed away the throbbing.  Most musculoskeletal pain is associated with swelling. Doctors and Therapists know that decreasing the swelling will help eliminate the pain. Therapeutic massage relieves acute and chronic pain from injury, as well as serious conditions like arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and Parkinson’s Disease.  It also works well to alleviate headaches, neck pain, and back pain.

So we know all the physiological gains derived from massage, but what about the thing you can quantify?  Let’s face it, there are a lot of treatments that are therapeutically good for us that we never look forward to as much as a good massage.  There is something about touch that is difficult to quantify or define.  No matter how elaborate your 12-jet hot tub or vibrating Lazy-boy recliner there is no substitute for a real hands on massage. For whatever reason, Massage generates a sense of all over physical and emotional well being. It helps people relax and can be a great way to counteract stress.

Hopefully we have convinced you that massage is beneficial and worth a try.  The only real obstacle people have when it comes to massage is there own comfort level. Not everyone is comfortable with new experiences especially if they are being touched. It is our experience that most people are hesitant only because they do not know what to expect. So the following should elevate your anxieties.


What to expect: On your first visit, most Therapists suggest you in come in 10 minutes early to fill out a brief health questionnaire.  If you are under a Physician’s care, you should bring in a written approval from your doctor.  Eating just before a massage is not recommended. It will make you uncomfortable if your on your stomach to long.

Your comfort is your Therapists priority.  You disrobe to your comfort level.  You will be covered during the massage, and only the area being massaged will be exposed, then recovered.  Most Therapists use a massage cream that is unscented, hypoallergenic, and is designed to leave your skin soft, not greasy.  You can always request specific types of oils or creams. You can also request specific types of techniques.  In Virginia Therapists have to be certified by the state and are trained in a variety of soft tissue techniques. If you have never had a massage just request Swedish, as it is the most common and most familiar. Remember, any good Therapist will encourage their clients to ask any question or voice any concern. Relax and enjoy your massage.  You’ll be hooked! 

Dr. Kevin S. Steele, D.C.

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