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Dr. Kevin Steele

dr-kevin-steeleDr. Steele is a Chiropractor who has been practicing for 18 years.  For the last 15 years his office has been located in Hampton, Virginia.  Dr. Steele was the first doctor to open a multidisciplinary medical clinic on the Virginia Peninsula.  The Multidisciplinary clinic setting is one that provides traditional medical services, physical therapy, and Chiropractic all in the same office!


Dr. Steele provides a variety of Chiropractic services in his Hampton office.  He practices a type of joint mobilization called Diversified.  Diversified is an accepted and well researched group of techniques taught in most Chiropractic schools. He also has certifications in Flexion-Distraction technique.  As the name suggests, this technique allows the patient to benefit from passive gentile stretching of the back.  Dr. Steele has professional training in a variety of Physiotherapy modalities such as TENS, Ultrasound, Iontophoresis, and others.  He will work these pain relieving treatments into a patient’s treatment plan when appropriate.  Exercise and posture guidance come with most treatment plans as well.  The best thing a Chiropractor can teach his patients is how to avoid having to see him. A formal list of Dr. Steele’s professional skills is listed below.


Dr. Steele has experience working with difficult ailments.  He has worked with; Fibromyalgia patients, patients with progressive neurological disorders, and patients with non-operable disc injuries.  Many times in a multidisciplinary setting, doctors and therapists have a wider variety of conservative treatment options.  It is our experience at Peninsula Chiropractic that with more options comes more solutions.  Patients can combine helpful treatments and be exposed to treatments they never considered.


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